What I Gain ?

1. Satisfaction
You will be helping people in fulfilling their financial goals. This way, you will make their life more easy and pleasant. It's more than just satisfaction for the agent.

2. Finest team
Join us, and you will be a part of the finest group of insurance agents. LIC produced largest number of Million dollar round table members( international forum for World class financial experts).

3. Maximum earnings 
LIC offers best remuneration to its advisors as it not only takes care of current earnings, but also arrange recursive earning for their future. And there is no limit on earnings, you can earn as much as you feel you want. 

4. Independence 
Joining as an agent, makes you an entrepreneur. You get full freedom for your work, as you can work as per your suitable timings. All of this, without making any capital investment initially.

5. Multi-dimensional Training 
We are the best training providers and we make you a specialist in selling life insurance even if you don't have any experience in sales line. We have multi-dimensional training programs and practical approach towards making you a professional insurance advisor.

6. Long term Support
We encourage advisors to strive towards highest levels of success in his career and we are committed to provide all type of necessary support not just at the beginning,but at every stage of an advisor's career.

7. Best Products
LIC has the best range of products which helps you to offer your customers the best of all products, to help them meet all kind of financial goals. And LIC always focus on continuously working on launching new and innovative products to give its advisors a greater competitive edge.

8. Sales And Marketing Support  
We provide best support to our agents for sales and marketing. Promotional collateral and joint visits will help you in taking your business to new heights.

9. Brand Name
By joining LIC, you will be a part of India's largest insurer and this brand name will help you selling policies the easiest way.