Success Stories

A famous saying goes: “big and, dream big. Then you can touch the sky." This is especially true in the case of Mr Radhakrishna K Shetty, a Mumbai-based agent of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC.) In the early 1990s. Mr Shetty was cleaning tables in a suburban Mumbai canteen. Today. he has reached a level where he is having his own aircraft and can even dream of starting his own airline. On January 24, 2015, Mr Shetty became the first insurance agent in the country to own a private aircraft. There used to be a time when Mr Shetty had no clue about what he wanted out of life, or where he wanted to go. Thanks to role models in the Life insurance industry, he has forged his way to success. In 2006-07, he earned a commission of Its 82 lakh. As of August 31. 2007. he has earned Its 32 lakh in commissions.