Why with us ?

In Delhi, there are more than 1 lac LIC agents, but only 5 to 10 percent agents are successful. This is not because they are not capable of doing this business, but they didn't receive proper guidance or support from their mentor under whom they joined. As we all know, it is not at all an easy job at all in the beginning. The new agent needs good support and hand-holding like proper training, join-calls, 24 hrs back-up, but unfortunately, 90% agents don't get this kind of support and training.

We are a group of dedicated and professional team leaders of many successful agents located in the center of Delhi. 

We provide practical training on topics like     

1. 'How to find first 10 clients after becoming agent?',

2. 'How to make an unkown person our prospect for policy?'

3.'How to grow our business after a big-shot start?'

and many more such topics..

These kind of training programs help the agents to become a sure shot winner in this game. This profession is the toughest profession if you don't have a good mentor, on the other hand, it becomes the easiest and wealthiest profession if you are working under a good mentor like us. 

Having center of Delhi as work-place is a plus point as the agent can tap customers from all over Delhi, as it becomes very convenient for customers to visit their home branch for any kind of service. And also we have our divisional and zonal offices near us, so, office services become even faster. 

If you put your 100%, we will make sure you get 200% results.